Woman heartbroken after Amarillo shelter accidentally euthanizes dog

The City of Amarillo is apologizing after the shelter euthanized an animal who was meant to return to his family this week.

Woman heartbroken after Amarillo shelter accidentally euthanizes dog

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - One woman is heartbroken after she says Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare accidentally euthanized her dog.

On Wednesday, Miranda Harper posted on Facebook, saying she is devastated after her dog was euthanized at the shelter. The posted said her dog, named Gordy, was picked up after escaping the fence and biting the mailman.

The shelter required that Gordy be held for 10 days until a decision was made on euthanasia. Harper says the shelter told her Gordy would be returned home, but when she called to confirm a pick up time, she was told that Gordy was no longer there.

According to the post, the shelter told her that Gordy “was accidentally euthanized on Sunday due to an employee reading his email incorrectly."

The City of Amarillo held a news conference this afternoon to address the issue.

Jared Miller, the city manager for Amarillo, said the shelter had “no right to euthanize the animal, and it shouldn’t have been done.”

Miller said the city is going to address the issue and review the shelter’s policies to make sure this does not happen again.

“This was a situation where the owner had contacted us prior to the expiration of the bite hold and let us know that they did want to reclaim Gordy,” said Miller. “So we should have held that dog at least for three days prior to doing anything else with the dog. This dog wasn’t in our possession. We did not have ownership of this dog. Gordy should not have been euthanized."

Woman heartbroken after Amarillo shelter accidentally euthanizes dog

Miller said there were a number of emails internally stating that Gordy should not be euthanized, so Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare is going to review how this happened.

“We need to make sure and be able to say very confidently, ‘This will not happen again.' It’s not acceptable. It’s not something we’re okay with," said Miller.

Miller continued, saying the shelter owes it to Gordy’s owner to make sure this never happens again.

You can watch the full news conference below:

LIVE at City Hall

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