Children at risk organization provides recommendations for Amarillo’s missing economic driver

Research shows that investing in child care can propel local economy

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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Today, the Children at Risk Institution held a conference to provide recommendations for Amarillo’s lack of affordable Child Care services. The average Amarillo family pays $12,000 a year for child care but only 14% of child care in Amarillo provides quality service using the Texas Rising Star program.

Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson expressed her support for the Children at Risk Institution. They provided recommendations like increasing child care providers in the Texas Rising Star program and to ensure that child care teachers are adequately trained and compensated.

The recommendations focus on enhancing child development from birth. This will improve the child’s likeliness to meet third grade standards, which increases their chances of graduating high school and becoming contributing members in the workforce. Children at Risk also shared that one in five Amarillo students do not graduate high school.

To help Low income parents who are working, the Texas Workforce Commission provides tuition support for child care.

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