Downtown Women’s Center celebrates 29 years

The Downtown Women’s Center has served women and children in need for the last 29 years.

Downtown Women’s Center celebrates 29 years
The Downtown Women's Center recognized 29 years of service to women and children in need. (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Women who go to the Downtown Women’s Center in Amarillo come from all over, but have one thing in common.

They come to the center homeless and addicted to drugs or alcohol but leave with the opportunity to rewrite their story.

Downtown Women’s Center celebrates 29 years

Most of the women served by the Downtown Women’s Center have been victims of abuse or addicted to alcohol and drugs.

The center says by investing in the community over the last 29 years, they’re fostering change for women and their families.

“My life has completely changed. My thinking has changed. My behavior has changed. The way I react to certain situations have changed. It’s a complete 180,” said Jeannie Thomas, who is part of the program at the Downtown Women’s Center.

Jeannie Thomas will mark one year in the two year program next month, says while the work is rigorous its worth it for her well-being.

“I don’t feel alone anymore. We are on a common ground. We are unified in what we’re trying to do. When it’s unified like that, it just pulls people together,” said Thomas.

Right now, 117 women and 80 children call one of the three shelters at the center home.

Stephanie, who works for the center, has seen firsthand this journey of sobriety and support as her daughter went through the program.

“To be able to see them make it through the program. It’s a two year program. After two years, you just see a shine in them,” said Stephanie Goins, the Development Director for the Downtown Women’s Center. “They have their children back, they have jobs that they’re at right now. So its just wonderful to be able to witness that.”

“You feel like, you’re good enough,” said Thomas. " I’m looking forward to that sense of peace that surpasses all understanding."

If you’re interested in the program the Downtown Women’s Center provides, you can call (806) 372-3625 and they will help guide you in the program.

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